Milling service
We provide a milling service that is very versatile. the mill is normally set up in our yard but can be moved and set up anywhere that is flat.

Timber supplies
We have a variety of timber in stock for purchase and can mill up some timbers to order. Interior grade timber is a long term project and has to be dried which takes some time.

Furniture and joinery
We have a fully functioning and well kitted out woodworking workshop which has been producing high quality products for over 25 years. We can offer a unique service of felling, milling, and drying your timber and then creating a piece of furniture for you from it.

We often have unusual and attractive timbers available. This is some locally felled burr Oak which is highly figured.

These are some very large poplar trees that we acquired. Ever though these trunks are too big to fit on the mill as they are they can be cut into quarters to be milled

Vivamus libero

Do you have timber?
If you have a tree that falls down or one that you want removing, we can arrange safe felling and removal. If you want to keep the timber we can mill it for you and you can store it to dry.

We often do a swap for timber if the log is good quality. We mill it and keep some of the timber and this keeps the cost down.

If you have a large quantity of timber to process then we can set up in a convenient place to mill.

We can also remove, mill and dry your timber for you and tell you when it is ready for use.

Taking timber out of stick
Here we are de-sticking some air dried Oak. This timber has been drying under cover for three years and is now ready for use. It is an exciting and satisfying part of the job were the all the effort of felling, milling and drying the timber comes to fruition.

Putting timber into stick
After timber is milled into boards it is then staked carefully with thin sticks between the board. This gives a small amount of airflow which will gradually allow the moisture to be released. Any furniture maker will tell you that air dried timber is by far and away a superior product to kiln dried timber but it takes much longer to produce. We do have a kiln but generally prefer to wait for the best quality product.